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Sum insured services by qualified quantity surveyors

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To protect your home from disaster, at renewal time you need to give your insurance provider a sum insured figure. But calculating the true cost of replacing your home is very difficult. That’s why our qualified quantity surveyors offer sum insured services to homeowners in and around Auckland.

Why sum insured values need an expert eye

It isn’t just that you need to know base the sum insured figure on every single nail, every inch of pipework and individual light fitting. You also need to allow for other rebuild costs - things like demolition, clearance, architects fees, landscaping and the 15% GST that goes to the taxman.

We visit homes in and around Auckland

When a qualified Quantity Surveyor from Emmitt Consultants calculates the sum insured value of your home, they will look at all the materials and fees necessary to meet todays’ strict building codes. By visiting your home, they’ll be able to give you more accurate rebuild costs than any online calculator.

Avoid being under insured with your sum insured value

Our Quantity Surveyors will look at all your fixtures and fittings, as well as your section - that’s because it’s difficult to calculate costs without seeing the quality of the kitchen you’d need to replace. The same goes for the steep driveway or retaining walls you’d have to rebuild if you live on one of Auckland’s many sloping sites. They will also take photos so that the value of your home and section is easier to prove to your insurance company should you need to claim.

Have a look at this sample of a Home Insurance Assessment (4.3Mb PDF).

Here’s what happens when we calculate your rebuild costs:

1. Quickly show one of our qualified Quantity Surveyors round your home

2. Read the detailed report we send you which includes a breakdown of all the likely costs you’d face if you had to rebuild your home, and photos to support those costs

3. Pass the total sum insured figure to your home insurer and minimise the chances of being under-insured

It’s also easy to insure for the proper amount in the future:

It’s a good idea to review your sum insured valuation every couple of years to make sure you are protecting your home. Two years after your sum insured assessment with us, when your insurance is up for renewal, we’ll be able to update our calculations with the latest rebuild costs for a fraction of the original report cost. We’ll remind you when this needs to be done. And for even more convenience, we can update your rebuild costs without needing to visit your home again.

Call 0800 366 488 to arrange a sum insured assessment

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We used Emmitt Consultants to review our insurance on house replacement. Great service, professional and friendly. It's great to have such a detailed report, it's incredibly helpful.

J Pilkington